Synthetic Architectures


Endless Bedroom {Pomona} Prototype 01

In my initial concept for this piece the progression from order to disorder occurred horizontally (across the x- or z-axis). Because we are limited to 1000x1000 cm and vertically "unlimited," I changed it so that one would descend into disorder on the y-axis.

I kept the top floor pretty basic, and did make the bench, some books, and a plant that I do have in my bedroom. I echoed a few of the tomatoes in a sparse way and also echoed the plant design on a poster on the wall. When you go down the stairs, which sort of turn inwards (using two repeater grid blueprints), you enter the chaos.

There is no way to return back up at the moment and you have to navigate your way through the tomatoes. Ideally, this progression would involve a trigger or some animation and the tomatoes would slowly engulf the viewers, but I'm pretty happy with this for now.

In terms of color palette, I wanted a strong contrast to the red and took inspiration from Edward Hopper's work.


Concept for Endless Bedroom

I've been finishing up a short story titled Pomona. One summer, a couple ends up in a house with too many tomatoes. Gradually, the tomatoes start to suffocate them and they enter this state of delirium together. When his partner leaves, the protagonist wonders if anything that happened was real.

There's a second level to this. While writing, I'm partially in my own self-induced delirium. The boundary between my life and my story blurs. At one point last year I was speaking so much about tomatoes, I don't think anyone could stand to be around me.

The main room I'm sketching is my living room. I sometimes sleep here and regard it as more of my bedroom than my actual bedroom. It has three large windows that I've combined into one. It's also fairly minimalist and architectural. I keep it clean and contained. Through these windows, I want to illustrate the levels of my story. In each one, the world unravels a little bit more.